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Ekklesía is a print and digital initiative available in various languages, with its most comprehensive version published quarterly in Italian. It conveys and promotes the complementarity of the Church's charismatic and ministerial dimensions in the light of the teachings of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. Guided by the principle of universal brotherhood, readers are invited to journey and work together along paths of communion and dialogue. In this way, Ekklesía hopes to contribute to building a synodal reality in which all members of God’s people are valued in the common search for new ways to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to men and women of our time.

Ekklesía’s articles focus on Church and societal renewal; relationships among different Churches and religions; encounters between diverse peoples and cultures; and dialogue with persons of differing convictions or of no particular religious belief.

Ekklesía articles offer:
- spirituality illuminated by the charism of unity & other older and newer charisms
- pastoral & cultural formation
- best practices at local & global levels
- life experiences, news, book reviews, and reader contributions.

Each quarterly issue focuses on a particular and relevant theme.

First published in December 2018,
Ekklesía reflects the merger of two former publications, “Charisms in Unity” (1990) and “Gen’s”magazine of ecclesial life (1971).

People working in all types of pastoral ministry; members of religious congregations and ecclesial communities; persons involved in parish and diocesan activities; leaders and members of movements or associations; those serving on the peripheries or in dialogue initiatives; anyone interested in the journey of the Church in today’s multi-religious, multicultural society.

Fabio Ciardi, Piero Coda, Brendan Leahy, Tiziana Longhitano, Jesús Morán, Giuseppe Petrocchi, Susana Nuin, Andrew Recepcion, Gérard Rossé, Callan Slipper, Stefan Tobler, Vincenzo Zani.
Hubertus Blaumeiser (editor), Carlos García Andrade, Renzo Beghini, Patrizia Bertoncello, Enrique Cambón, Maria do Sameiro Freitas, Oreste Paliotti.
Secretary: Valentina Raparelli & Michele

Editors: Sue Kopp and Vincent Lockhart

Ekklesía (Italian version)
Quarterly Publication in Italian:
Online version: 17 Euro/year.
Print & On-line:
25 Euro/year (Italy) - 35 Euro/year (Europe)
40 Euro/year (outside Europe)rope)
40 Euro/year (outside Europe)


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Being One Magazine Archive
An archive of articles from the English language version of Gens - a magazine of ecclesial life. Gens and Charisms of Unity were merged into Ekkles
ía in December 2018.

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New City Press
is based in New York and provides a wealth of publications related to spirituality and theology.

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New City Publishing House
is based in Welwyn Garden City, UK and its aim is to promote a more united world through both the monthly magazine and the books it publishes and to support and inform its readers about the value of dialogue in many different fields.

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Focolare Movement
is an international movement
which aims to contribute to building a more united world in which people value and respect diversity. It is inspired by Jesus’ prayer to the Father, “May they all be one.” (Jn. 17:21).

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