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Being One

Jesus Forsaken - Today's God
November 2017

This issue of Being One looks at the reality of Jesus Forsaken, the moment on the cross when Jesus cried out: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" and see its relevance to the world in which we live, that the crucified and forsaken Christ is our hope.

Jesus Forsaken experienced all the consequences of evil, the rupture and separation from the Creator and the divisions between us human beings, filling the depths of suffering and disunity with a love despite everything, the “super love”, as Chiara Lubich named him.

Rooted in this love, we will find the light and strength to transform every loss and tragedy into a new beginning. In big and small ways, we will contribute to building a culture of sharing and a different society with all those like us who are led by the dream of brotherhood, that even though it is buried by weakness, egoistic interests and mediocrity, it dwells at the bottom of every human heart.

This edition of Being One wants to explore this perspective, as spirituality, reflection, life; as a reference point for pastoral activity and for the existence of the priestly people – of priests and all Christians.